Social Media Impact On Education Essay

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Social media has impacted formal education positively by improving on student’s well-being in school. Students participate in activities as never before because they get connected to fellow student and lecturers all over the world. Henry’s exploratory study of more than 1000 college students examined the impact of technology and specific aspects of psychosocial wellness. She found technological activities that contributed to more positive measures of psychosocial well-being and sense of community were social in nature (e.g., networking on a social media site, chatting with others online, or talking on a cell phone. Similarly, when motivations for using social media or other technology were social in nature, such as making friends and meeting new people, there were positive scores (Henry, 2012). Henry also found that students with less social…show more content…
They further stress to the point that social media has been the most influential tool that has led to the negative activities of students in universities and colleges such as hacking people’s accounts, defrauding people and a whole lot. But what these people should know is that though students misuse social media, there are others and more who use it to benefits themselves and the society as a whole leading to development. Statistics show that 61% of students in tertiary institution use social media for important research work related to academics whilst 85% students use social media in relatively important school work which is quite encouraging and proves that social media is indeed used beneficially in
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