How Does Social Media Affect Identity

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How Social Media Can Effect

Some have it and others don’t, but it’s a must have. Social media is a huge trending topic right now it helps you keep up with the latest fashions, newest songs, friends and family far away, and even gossip that’s going on. Even though people can do all this with it, social media also effects teens’ identity because people can see what others post and can choose to comment either positively or negatively. Teens are so caught up into their social media sites these days that they post all day everyday about anything from being personal problems to what they’re eating for dinner. Teens even go to their social networks looking for approval from others all over the world they don’t know to see whether what they’re
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The way others interact with each other through social media networks has changed drastically you can comment on a simple post and it can lead to entire debate full negativity and hateful words. For instance, ‘Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Issue’ has featured its first plus sized model on the front page and the negative impact that it has brought is sad. Everyone is so used to seeing the typical size zero model that when they see a beautiful size fourteen on a cover of a magazine they slander her and says she’s a disgrace. Why is that? Is it that Americans are so caught up with how they normally see models as being skinny that they judge a woman with a slightly more defined plus sized body, like Ashley Graham, as being overweight? But with all the negativity Ashley Graham remained positive “I’ve never experienced anything like this! This is so much fun,” she beams (Stern the Daily Beast). Even kids born with disabilities are being made fun of or questioned for how they’re born. Dawson Riverman is a kid that was born without fingers on one of his hands, so normal activities to others were challenging to him. Luckily, a guy that had a 3-D printer helped gave him a totally new hand and with it he was able to do things that he couldn’t experience before. “He’s realizing he can do things with two hands and not have to try to figure out how to do them,” says Dawson’s mother (Morz 93). Not only did this impact his life positively,
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