How Does Social Media Affect Interpersonal Communication

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Social Media and Its Impact on Interpersonal Communications Before cell phones, people were forced to either write letters or meet face-to-face to get a message delivered. However, there has been a major shift in the way we communicate due to the introduction of social media sites. Instead of the formal face-to-face interactions people were accustomed to, we have now developed an addiction to communication on social media networks. This has affected many social media users in numerous ways, whether it is poor mental health or poor sleep, social media is creating a communication skill gap. Being behind a screen takes away the necessary time the youth must use to build onto their communication skills and learn communication methods. Although communication through social media is more efficient,…show more content…
Conversely, the presence of social media in a teen’s life can be a positive asset to their lives. Some of the benefits mentioned by the Raising Children Network are that they can help teens “make and maintain friendships, share interests…explore identities… connect…teenagers to online global communities based on shared interests,” and there are “support networks” that they can use free of charge (Social Media for Children and Teenagers). Many will argue that the benefits outweigh the consequences of the introduction of social media. By allowing teens to explore and discover new interests and hobbies, it can provide them with a sense of direction. However, the social gains behind a screen will not allow them to correctly absorb skills that are vital to success in their future interactions that stray away from behind the screen. It’s not that social media “creates a nonverbal learning disability” but it creates a situation where “body language, facial expression, and even the smallest kinds of vocal reactions are rendered invisible” (Child Mind Institute). At this extent, social media interactions are more harmful when it comes to a teenager’s future endeavors and career
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