Positive And Negative Effect Of Social Media Essay

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The internet has a great impact on people today than ever before. The internet grows every other day with new sources of news, entertainment, and education for users around the world. Most of these new social media applications have a lot to do with interpersonal relationships. Our communication skill has become so poor lately, that it’s very hard to adapt to social skills, intimacy with your partner, and personal relationships. Social media has its positive effects and negative effects on our everyday lives. It’s always good to communicate with one another on a daily basis. With social media being so big and worldwide, we’re able to share ideas, thoughts, and one’s beliefs. This gives us an opportunity to get to know one another in a more desirable way. Social media has a lot to do with the effect on interpersonal…show more content…
Intimacy is best described as a connection within two people who have trust in each other, share goals with each other, have the same beliefs or different, and value each other. Couples will increase their communication skills just by spending time with each other and talking more about what goes on throughout their day. Now with social media being so big, that has taken a big toll on relationships. Couples will be talking while staring straight through their phone or the TV and not knowing what the other person is talking about. The divorce rate has gone up so high in the past few years because of social media, and with all this new technology coming together, the divorce rate will only keep on growing, making it easier to interact with other people around the world. Once you start interacting with other people and getting to know more about people, it becomes part of your daily routine, you’re always going to want to know what that person is up to, what he or she is doing throughout their day. All this new social media is a cancer to our
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