How Does Social Media Affect Modern Culture

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Modern culture in the 21st century is defined by mass media. Every aspect of our culture, from entertainment to news, is conveyed through a modern platform of mass media. While we, as a society, have expressed our ideas and thoughts through these mediums, we have also been the creators of them. At some points it is easy to think that because we have created the medium that we also control the message, but often times these two interact together without direct human intervention. It is from this almost sentient expression that negative impacts, either implicitly or explicitly, heavily impact our modern, technological culture. Social media sites, while much newer to the scene of mass media, have become poignant sources of information as well as central parts of our lives. Facebook specifically has risen to the top of social media popularity, and because of this has negatively impacted our culture.
Posting a status, uploading photos, liking and commenting are all core elements of Facebook. Facebook has become, without a doubt, the largest social networking site on the Internet. From birthdays to political campaigns, it is used for
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No one is openly saying that one must paint a picture of themselves on Facebook, but many still do. It is an unspoken social concept that many people choose to believe. The pressure felt by not doing so suggests that one is simply average, not standing out on any scale and is simply living life. There is nothing negative about living simply, but for many it is simply more interesting and comforting to appear active and noteworthy. This mindset ultimately causes more harm than good. People cling to an online forum dominated by manufactured realities, and stress out if they are not good enough for it. This mentality simply causes more stress, loneliness and depression amongst Facebook users, and eats away at their true
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