How Social Media Affects Relationships Essay

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Social Media: Affects Relationships As technology progresses more and more, there have been great changes that have made our lives more easy and efficient. There are many advantages that technology has brought upon us, one in particular is the Internet. The Internet has allowed people to be connected quickly to information and be updated to the issues and happenings around us, but the social networks that have been invented to allow long distance connection have been resulting in negative outcomes for society and our generation. Social media gets in the way of building actual relationships, makes people become inauthentic about their lives and lowers their self-esteem, and has become a dangerous and threatening nature. During these days, it seems as if nobody can live without checking their social media accounts, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Many people, especially young people, have been consumed with the use of social networking. Nobody can take their eyes off of their phones, and that has resulted in real relationship connections withering. When a family is eating together or watching a movie in the living room to have some family bonding time, children lose attention and instead focus more on what 's going on in social media. When people hang out with their friends, they are still consumed with their phones even though…show more content…
Social media sites are accessible to anyone to write threatening posts that affects everyone, especially the person the post is targeted at, in the online communities. There have been 4,400 cases of individuals that have committed suicide because of horrible usage of social media use (Russel, 2017). Within these amounts of cases, government action is still not enough when it comes to handing out punishments to cyberbullies or protection to the victims who face these taunting threats
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