How Does Social Media Affect Social Skills

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Have you ever thought about how much time you spend on social media? What about how much popularity you will gain with just that one post? What you never really think is, what is out there, and do I know enough about social media to use it? Many say that social networks can be helpful to those in long term relationships as well as social media being the number one activity on the web. Social networks can often be described as a dangerous place too, and how harmful they are to our society. People are getting cyber bullied daily. It often hurts our social skills, And social media is just unsafe for others using it. It can affect the choices we make, And change the course of our lives by peer pressure or popularity. First, cyber bullying. Cyber…show more content…
According to Improvement Pill, " Social media hurts our social skills and stops our interactions with peers." So this explains to us how social media can harm the way we interact with others, rather than interacting over a screen. And prevents us from developing and improving our social skills. Another way social networks can ruin our social skills is that, it lowers our self-esteem, and change the way we want to be. Another example is it lowers peers self-esteem, According to Improvment pill, social media can lower peoples self-esteem and drive us to be as good as others. Therefore, social media can change the way we view ourselves mentally and…show more content…
Although social media can be the number one activity on the web, the media is designed to be addictive. According to Immprovement Pill, "Social media gives you a false sense of accomplishment." This tells us that social media is an addictive source and can make you experience false things and feelings. Another example is that teens spend almost as much as 2 hours and 20 minutes per day on these social networks Such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. This can impact their mood, emotions, and the way they use their time. In conclusion, Social media can be harmful for our society. Networks can hurt social skills, and cause cyber bullying. And most importantly it just is not safe. Even though others may think the total of pros out number the cons of social media. Think about the last time someone said something about you, how did you feel? Consider what you do on social media. Such as who your friends with, what information you are sharing. Those little things you let out and the things that can impact your everyday life. It's not just you and me. If we let all this get out of hand, we could all face some major
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