How Does Social Media Cause Isolation

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Social media causes isolation due to online bullying, lack of communication skills, and it distracts us from the real world.
Social media causes isolation by online bullying. For example, people are posting negative comments about other people and telling them they are worthless on instagram, facebook and others. Due to all of the online bullying 42% of the teenage population and 20% of the child population have ended in suicide. 28% of people that are being bullied and are not going suicidal are distancing themselves from family members and the world which leads to total isolation, and the other 10% end up degrading themselves and feeling like they are meaningless or worthless.
The other thing social media does to create isolation is by distracting us from the real world. We are more interested in checking our phones to see if we have received texts, snaps, or even likes on our social media apps or even watching television instead of going outside. People are more focused on checking them that they can’t stay focused on the real world. We don’t realize it, but we spend over 10 hours a day checking our phones for text or tweets we never even bother to try to connect to the real world so when we actually are off our phones we have no clue what to do. One example is
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We can sit in class and not be next to a friend and when we want to talk to them we sit there and text them instead of getting up and walking over to them to talk. Because we do this when we get to the world we cannot survive because we don't try to When we are young that is when we learn the most because our brains are developing, so they catch the most words, and here we are saying “lol” or “TMI” that is what they will learn to say instead of laugh out loud and too much
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