Impact Of Social Media On Society

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The change of internet in society Social media today plays an important role in our lives. How we communicate with people, how we find out what’s going on around the world, and people being able to have a voice and express themselves. Social media is the online technology that allows users to share content and communicate with one another. There’s lots of ways that social media benefit the society like getting information, communicating with people, sharing news, meeting new people, and a lot more. Our society is surrounded by the internet and social media. When we are bored or feeling depressed or just want to express what’s on our mind we go to the internet. The internet helps enhance information worldwide giving people much greater access to figures, facts, statistics and allowing that information to circulate much faster and gives people a voice. There are different types of digital media that people now, and days use to communicate, share posts, find out what’s going on around the world, posting pictures and all more things you can think of.…show more content…
Some people living far away from their family it can become the main place they live where they spend most of their time. Social media has a lot of offers they impact. people can build communities from around the world and won’t feel like an outcast and feel like they belong. Someone might feel like an outcast from their own community or family but might find someone online with similar hobbies, pursuits, and interest. The internet impacts the world by being open to people in different type of ways like entertainment, communication, commerce, and information. When you’re bored or feeling down you can entertain yourself by going on the internet and watch funny videos. Social media makes it a lot easier to communicate. You can text people, facetime people, you can use different types of social media to get in touch with
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