How Can Social Media Change Your Life

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Social Media can change your life. Social Media has existed over more than ten years now, and for the majority of people it has been a life changing experience. Since the first day you sign up to a social media like : Facebook , Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram, your life will definitely change in many good and bad aspects. By signing up to a social media you are accepting the ticket to your new life, a life that either is going to be the best life you can ask for, or in the other hand it could determine many possible failures and regrets of your life, so you have to be very cautious in the decisions you make while being on a social media page. "Voiceless people realize that they have a voice now" (Jon Ronson), and it is a very true quote that defines what is social media has done to our newest generation of people. Simply the best technology advance for communication has been the introduction of social media to the world, how cool is that "Facebook now has 1.71 billion…show more content…
Over the years I have been using many social media pages, but the one I like the most is Snapchat, I believe that this Social media page change my life in many ways, because now you can make video calls, transfer money, and the original send unlimited pictures to your friends and love ones, also you can let them know what are you doing, and for me I think that is very awesome way to communicate with everyone. Something that I truly grateful with social media is that thanks to them I can save pictures and memories that will last as long as I erase them out of my social web page, and the best part it will always have your old friends, so you can communicate with them whenever you decide it to do so, anyways you will always remember them by looking through their pictures of how well or bad they are actually doing in
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