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Social Media has always been considered as a platform for globalizations because it is not bounded by space. Explain how the social media also can enforce glocalization. Support your view by giving at least three examples. Glocalization is a concept that in global market, it can be a product or service that can be successfully when it is customized for the locality or culture in which popular to sold in market. The term of glocalization has combines the words globalization and localization. In late 1980s where the first appeared in article by Japanese economist in Harvard Business Review. Glocalization has been credited by sociologist Roland Robertson has describes tempering effects of local conditions on global pressures. in words,…show more content…
and Switzerland. When the growth pace increases even far, and opening more than 5 stores per year, the company has listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange and begin to rebrand the name to “H&M”. In 1982, the company get a second-ever CEO, as Persson step down to move aside to make a room for his son, Stefan Persson. In 1990s newspaper advertising is largest media replaced by billboard city, H&M has been popular or a choice for modeling or famous actors and artists wearing H&M clothes. Many of celebrities are known H&M brand like Elle Macpherson promoting Christmas underwear launch in 1990. This undergarment has gain a lot of media attention. In 1998, H&M has started offering online shopping, the first online market in Sweden. Its expanded throughout the Europe continually and where France has opened H&M store in 1998 in Paris. In 2000, a major H&M flagship store open in New York, the first store opened out of Europe. H&M has expended online sales continues and the company went east and opened first store in Shanghai and Hong Kong in 2007. Today H&M has opened up 4,351 stores around the

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