How Does Social Media Impact Business

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In this study paper, I presented the business impacts on social media and social networking. In this research, I explored the social marketing techniques and social interaction business techniques. Explained social media is also be a part of the business market. Researched that social media is very useful to develop the business and got result is created a business world with communicating by social network.
The project Social Media has transformed the interaction and communication of individuals throughout the world. Social media is a concept that has been evolving the human interaction. In the present situation, social media has impacted many aspects of human communication, by that impacting business and social services. In
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The plan was to approach this work from it historical development to its modern day perspective. In the decade of information systems, social media has played a vital role in transforming business and communications. Through the social media and networking the business entity will grow in fastest way. Now a day, many social networking sites have emerged to easily interact with people that share common interest in music, education, movies and text etc. This is effected how the businesses conducted their transactions and advertisements and their products and services.
This document is difficult to study social media without encountering the phrase social networking. That’s why both concepts are discussed in this document. Social media defines websites for social networking and blogging through which users create online communities to share the information, ideas, personal messages and other content like pictures and videos. The exchange of information or services to the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business among individuals,
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Throughout much of human history, we have developed technologies that make it easier for us to communicate with each other (Carton, 2009). This document referred to 1972 and the use of the telegraph to transmit and receive messages over long distances (Ritholz, 2010). Some sociologists are considered pioneers of social networks during the late 1800s. Ferdinand Tonnies believed that social groups existed because users shared values and beliefs. His writing deals with the social contract conceptions of society. In late 1800s, the radio and telephone were used for social interaction, albeit one-way with the radio (Rimskii, 2011; Wren, 2004). The social networks have evolved over the years to the modern-day variety which uses digital media. Email was originally a method to exchange messages from one computer to another in online. Now a day, Social sites have become very popular to interact each other for social communication because of the proliferation and affordability of internet connected devices such as personal computers, mobiles devices and other more hardware innovations such as tablets. In this paper, we discussed about the social sites like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn. These social networks lead a tremendous explosion of network-centric data in a wide variety of scenarios. In this research paper, we discussed about some issues like analysis of networks, mining in social networks and link inference and

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