How Does Social Media Improve Our Lives

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Social Media has been improving many people's lives and the way we live today. It's just a simple thing that is well known all over the world. and which consumes a lot of time in our everyday lives. Social media improves day by day and so does our life. It has improved the way we communicate every day with people around the world. Teachers all around the world are using social media for education. Doctors have proven that health can be improved with the use of social media, from yourself to teachers and to doctors, social media is improving each and every part of our lives and is giving us a successful future to be part off.

Remember back when we used to send mail from the post office? well, why should you bother when now we've got facebook, twitter, snap chat and e.c.t to send an online birthday card or to post a photo on Instagram when it is your friends birthday. Social media is rapidly changing the way of communication in our daily lives. social media such has facebook and skype lets you connect with friends and family living on the other side of the world. It allows you to keep n touch with each other through various ways and share information with one and other. I would not have been able to keep in contact with my friend who moved to Canada this year. As
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Doctors have also said that social media is beneficial for our health and body. It helps us to have better health and a successful future. It gives off positive impacts on people around us who are suffering from some type of disease or illness. Adults are able to ask health related questions on Social media and be able to share information on their health with other patients. As provided by, 31% of health care professionals use social media to keep in touch with their patients. Not only can social media improve health for adults but also

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