Pros And Cons Of Pop Culture

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Do you think social media and pop culture has made us insensitive to death? Well, I certainly don’t think it has made us insensitive to death.For the debate, I was on the side where social media didn’t cause this behavior, and we had to prove it didn’t make us insensitive to death. Because of the reasons that pop culture have helped us, I still stand by this side. The pros outweigh the cons in pop culture because there are many things that pop culture has given us that are good. Pop culture has become more and more controversial over the years, even though it has gotten better over the long period of time we have been alive. However, there still is a lot of good things about pop culture these days. It shows these good things through social media, video games, music, movies, and TV shows.…show more content…
Anyways, social media actually allows you to help yourself when you are in danger or someone else is in danger. Just message someone to call 911 and they will if they are a friend of yours or a really close relative. On that note, don’t message someone you don’t know or if you are uncertain if they will help you. Social media also allows you to get in touch with old friends, although some of them might not have social media. It is as simple as memorizing their name and searching it on social media. However, this only works on websites such as Facebook. On snapchat you need to know their username. This is one of the few cons of social media, but it is easily forgotten as preteens tell each other their names. Video games are also commonly posted on social media, which leads us into reason number
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