Social Media Effects On Happiness

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Social media is a very popular way nowadays for one to express his or her feelings. Mainly used by teenagers, social media websites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat have become popular in the past decade. The goal of users of social media often is to show off how one 's life is going. Social media plays a huge role as to how happy or sad a person is. Social media can decrease happiness by showing the viewer mournful issues, making people feel less appreciated, and the way people interact with each other using these websites.
The opposing side will say that social media can increase a person 's happiness by showing the viewer exciting topics. Often the viewer has choice of the type of posts they wish to view. This comes with the
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While being happy is exciting, sometimes it is fine to be sad. Sharon Begley states "without sadness we won 't understand the value of happiness" (454­458). Every major issue that takes place in this world is posted on social media. These issues can be both positive and negative. The negative posts can really decrease a person 's level of happiness. From one 's favorite athlete 's career ending to an injury to posts containing racial slurs, a person 's demeanor can really change. Posts containing photos of missing children and kids that have been abused can touch one 's heart and possibly make them shed a tear. A recent tragedy that is trending on social media is the school shooting that happened at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Seventeen innocent students were killed. This tragic event has users of Twitter and Facebook all over the world going crazy. There are even videos of the shooting and the aftermath that were posted on Snapchat by the students. Blood on floors, bullets in laptops, and kids crying can really trigger the emotional side of a…show more content…
Everyone is familiar with the term 'bully '. Bulling is using one 's strength to intimidate someone. Bullying a person on social media is referred to as 'cyber bulling '. Cyber bulling may be greater than bullying someone in person. The idea of cyber bullying is so great that there are laws against it. Cyber bullying can bring down how confident a person feels about themselves. According to, "Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter are the most common places cyberbullying occur" (no page info). Posting embarrassing visual content of a person on social media is not a cool thing to do. These posts can be viewed worldwide and possibly go viral. This can drain all the happiness a person has and can possibly lead to them harming themselves. Rather than trying to embarrass someone, lifting them and giving one another compliments can boost one 's level of happiness. Commenting how beautiful a person looks on an Instagram post can really make a person 's day
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