Marginalized Group Sociology

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Marginalised groups- LGBT people in ireland

For me, the aim of this project is to gain a better understanding and knowledge of the struggles that LGBT people in ireland face today, and why they would be considered a marginalised group of people.

To do this I need to understand what sociology really is and how it affects LGBT people. Sociology is defined as “the study of society and specifically with the key issues such as explaining change and the and the distribution of power between social groups” (Barry and Yuill, 2002:1)

The different aspects of sociology consist of culture, status, roles, and social groups. All of these factors are decisive in where our social standing is, and whether or not we are marginalised.

I personally believe that LGBT people are one of the most marginalised groups in Ireland, no matter how much we move forward, for example with the yes vote to gay marriage, there is still prejudice
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The term compulsory heterosexuality, although having been around since the eighties after being popularized by Adrienne Rich who coined it to speak about her experiences as a lesbian, is not one you may be familiar with. However despite not being familiar with the term, you are most likely familiar with the concept of it.

A common “symptom” for, lack of a better word, of compulsory heterosexuality is one denying their sexual attraction to the same gender. This leads to gay men and lesbians marrying the opposite gender, and even having families and children of their own before they finally accept themselves.

An example we may all know is rugby player Gareth Thomas, former captain of the British and Irish Lions, who had previously been married to a woman came out as gay (Weathers, H, 2009). This is unfortunately one of the most harmful and common instances for gay people faced with compulsory

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