The Influence Of Sociology

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people have different views on politics and each person within the organisation has the right to their own opinion. Sociology: Sociology is the scientific study of social life. It observes today’s society and investigates how it became the way it is today. It also looks at the factors that influence society and how these have an effect on people’s lives. Society is defined as a group of people with common interaction and culture, and sociology analyses the different ways people interact and how they form their culture. We may all be original and different but we are moulded by social change and social structures such age gender race and religion. If a manager has studied sociology it will help them avoid alienating employees as they will…show more content…
Anthropology: Anthropology studies the past and present of how humans behaved and how they became a part of different environments. It looks into values, attitudes and cross cultural factors and how they influence the environment within the organisation. If managers have an understanding of these factors they would be able to prevent cultural difficulties arising within the organisation and would also be able to promote positive attitudes throughout the workforce which would result in lower rate of absences and turn-over amongst employees . Many employees have different attitudes towards their workplace. It is the manager’s job to deal with these attitudes in the best way possible. Employees may have negative attitudes towards their workplace for example if they think they are under-paid. Managers must make the work challenging for the employee to be interested in their work. 2.0 History of organisational behaviour: The Industrial Revolution brought about need for understanding of human behaviour as new manufacturing…show more content…
Many managers today are hiring many different types of people to increase benefits within the organisation. Managers may employee people with language skills which in result will allow the business to expand in global markets. People who can speak a second language will be of benefit to the organisation as they can engage with people outside of the location of the organisation. A workforce that has a great diversity of people is often the most creative. Many people of many backgrounds come together and brain storm ideas for the

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