The Influence Of Physical Exercise

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As a Maccabi soccer player and sports fanatic, I believe physical exercise has a major influence on my sleep. Moreover, physical exercise has impacted on my health, productivity and quality of life. This curious belief specifically regarding the influence of sports on sleep, has encouraged me to complete my major research task on this above topic. I am fascinated to know if physical exercise truly impacts on a person’s sleep or whether it is simply the placebo effect in action. In this research task I will investigate whether or not playing sport impacts on a person’s quality of sleep. I personally believe that physical exercise does impact on one’s quality of sleep.
These findings of the research are relevant because:
• This research indicates whether or not physical exercise should be a compulsory activity for school students.
• New discoveries and findings will motivate students as well as adults to exercise more.
• The interrelationship between sleep and exercise will perhaps help prove and reinforce the desirable effect of healthy sleep patterns as a result of physical exercise.
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They reviewed 38 separate studies exploring the relationship between sleep and exercise. They officially released the results to the public in early 2013. The final results showed that physical exercise does in fact increase total sleep time. Moreover, there was a consistent improvement in the quality of sleep among the 38 people tested. The physical exercises increased slow wave sleep time, decreased REM sleep time, and prolonged latency to REM sleep. The above information is considered to be a credible source. The research performed was a thorough and intense analysis conducted by Youngstedt, O’Connor, and Dishman, researchers whom apply meta-analytic techniques to systematically distil major

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