Thesis About Sports

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This research study examines the correlation between the effects of being a sports-oriented among students and not being participative in athletics. There are a lot of different thesis papers that studied regarding the relationship between sports and academics. Others revealed that playing sports give a positive effect to the well being of an individual while others opposed to it and said that it is a distraction from the student 's studies. This research paper aims to expand previous studies by examining whether or not sports effect students in a favorable way. The research study included a sample of students from Mapua Institute of Technology in Intramuros, Manila. Furthermore, as the researchers go through their study, they will unveil all the effects and its differences, and other informations that they will be able to gather during the entire process.

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Most of these studies investigated physical activities occurring in an ordinary day at the school of which they wished to examine on. To my knowledge, sports positively affect students simply because when an individual do more physical activity, there will be a high possibility that they would be able to develop their concentration, focus and sense of responsibility that may motivate them to work hard to improve their academic performance. Unfortunately, due to the pressure brought by training and studying, it is inevitable that athletic communities among the school more likely to be regarded as inimical to
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