How Does Standardized Test Define You As A Person

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Does Standardized Test Define You As A Person? School isn’t about learning anymore it’s about teaching us to pass a test! To expect the average student to manage their already challenging schedule while simultaneously studying for the ACT or SAT is unrealistic and unfair. American students are spending most of their school hours preparing for standardized tests rather than learning quality stuff. Some American schools test over every subject putting even more pressure students. Test scores are to grade students ' intelligence unrealistically and to pay teachers based off how good the students did. All the way from childhood to graduation kids are stressing about school, but one main cause is standardized testing. In most American schools students have to pass certain high stake test to advance to the next grade. Students who already have a busy schedule and are trying to manage other classes don’t have a…show more content…
Standardized test benefit teachers more than it does students. Standardized tests show how teachers can teach us to regurgitate information to a test that reflects their teaching. If the class does well on standardized test the school may raise their pay. Standardized test mostly has the same material on them every year, therefore, the teachers don’t have to be creative in the classroom they just have to teach the same thing over. many teachers teach specifically for the standardized test, focusing exclusively on the test content in order to boost student scores and thus their own perceived performance. This hardly helps improve education. These tests are nothing more than a long list of trick questions and irrational thoughts. Standardized test in no way is this an adequate measure of anyone’s intelligence. Schools should take your actual grades and teachers first hand opinions into consideration rather than a test average. Colleges and schools should they put more weight on grades and extracurricular activities than they do on the standardized test
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