How Does Stanley Change

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Talk to one or two “If it doesn’t CHALLENGE you, it won’t CHANGE you.” In this story, you will see how Stanley has changed. Stanley changes from shy to bold because of how Sachar describes him in the beginning and the end. In the beginning of the novel, Stanley is a very shy kid. He doesn’t want to get embarrassed “When he doesn’t let the boys see him writing his letter.” (Sachar 74). I think this shows great text evidence because he scared to show the boys about his letter. He is also scared that they will make fun of him for writing to his mother. This also shows that he is a shy kid when “He was only talking to Zero in the beginning because he didn’t want to talk to anyone else.” (Sachar 1-15) This is great text evidence because only shy people talk to one or two people a camp. Stanley is a very shy kid because he only wants to talk to one person.…show more content…
“Zero lets Stanley be himself when he’s around him.” (Sachar 75) Stanley is trying to put on a fake face to the other boys. Also when Zero dug Stanley hole, Stanley realized that Zero is a true friend so he taught Zero how to read.” (Sachar) Because of Zeros’ act of kindness Stanley decided to do that one little favor for him. Zero is an awesome guy because he lets Stanley be true to himself. By the end of the story, Stanley is very bold. “When Stanley stands up to the warden” (Sachar 214) I think that it was really important for him to stand up to the warden because he needed for her to respect him and that it wasn’t his fault that he was at that camp. This also shows Stanley is bold when he says,”I’m not leaving camp without Hector Zeroni (Zero).” Stanley is finally standing up for Zero and himself. Stanley has changed a lot since he came to camp. Throughout the novel, Stanley has changed from timid to bold. In the beginning, he didn’t want to go "camping" at Camp Green Lake and at the end, he didn’t want to leave and he stood up for
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