How Does Stanley Change In Schindler's Life

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Steve Jobs was fired from his own company, Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in prison, Steven Spielberg was rejected from USC of Cinematic Arts, twice, and Stanley Yelnats overcame a curse, and made a good friend who shaped him as a bold, loyal, and stronger person/friend. I get that you are probably wondering what do all of those people have in common. Well they all have overcame a challenge/failure, by trying to keep their heads up all of the time and stay faithful. During their journey, their attitudes all her changed for the better during their ride to success, not letting obstacles push them down. Through Zero’s influence of friendship, Stanley changed from shy/timid and weak, to bold and strong.
At the beginning of holes, Stanley is shy/timid
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While Stanley and Zero’s friendship continues to progress, Stanley shows Zero much more loyalty, and selflessness than he did before. Stanley shows how much he cares about Zero when, “He stood up, lifting Zero’s worn-out body off the ground,” (Louis Sachar 170). Stanley is sacrificing his life for Zero, because he became loyal to him. Although he wanted to stop and rest for a while, he didn 't and decided to put Zero before himself, making him not only loyal to Zero, but self-less as well. Stanley begins to show how much of a loyal friend he has become when he, “Stopped and turned to look at Zero. He couldn 't just leave him here. I can 't leave Hector,” (Louis Sachar 219). Stanley never would 've spoken to Zero at the first, seeing as he viewed him as a nobody just like all off the other boys. All Stanley wanted to do was fit in and be accepted/popular for once, but Zero acts as his mentor to seeing the right way. During their journey to Big Thumb, Stanley felt weak, but, “as long as Zero could keep going, he could keep going too,” (Louis Sachar 162). This shows that he 's loyal to zero, and he 'll go through whatever it takes to get him/them both to safety. He knows that Zero has been through a lot more than what he has, not only during the journey climbing up Big Thumb, but in life/as an orphan, in general. Zero begins to act as his motivation, and begins to bring Stanleys hope back. Although Stanley had the first impression of Zero as a nobody, he stopped…show more content…
After all that happened, Stanley became the strong and bold individual he truly was, inside. Stanley shows the backbone he’s grown when he says, “Isn 't it more important for him to learn to read? Doesn’t that build more character more than digging holes?” (Louis Sachar 137), to the Warden. He 's finally breaking out of his shy and timid state, by standing up to the her/his worst enemy. When the Warden first talked to Stanley, he acted very timid and scared, but with Zero, he knew what he thought was right and he’s more bold, to speak up now. Not only has Stanley become mentally stronger, but physically as well, which is shown when, “His body had adjusted somewhat to the heat and harsh conditions,” (Louis Sachar 131). His new character shows that his ongoing determination has channeled his inner-strength. On the first day of hole-digging, he felt as if he would die because of the same heat/conditions that he is now accustomed to. Again, as Stanley becomes stronger mentally/physically, “His strength came from somewhere deep inside himself, and also seemed to come from the outside as well,” (Louis Sachar 170). Although he felt weak externally, he challenged himself mentally, knowing he had to keep going for not only Zero, but for his own sake. His boldness starts to shine through his weakness, as he
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