How Does Steinbeck Present Candy In Of Mice And Men

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John Steinbeck also created a character named Candy. Candy is an older man missing a hand, with his old sheepdog for a companion. The dog means everything to him, he’s had him ever since he was a pup. Candy felt like he had a friend in his dog, but then a fellow worker named Carlson decided he didn’t want the dog there anymore. Carlson tried his best to make Candy agree to letting him put his dog down, and eventually Candy had to because he knew he wouldn’t let it go. Carlson took his dog outside and shot him, it struck Candy in a very bad way. To him, it felt as if the bullet went through him and not his dog because he cared so much for him and he considered his dog to be his best friend. On page 49, it states “A minute passed, and another

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