How Does Steinbeck Present George And Lennie's Friendship

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Throughout Of Mice and Men, Steinbeck tell us a story of friendship during the depression. This is a story of two friends, Lennie and George, and how they work together to keep each other company, get through hard times in life, and _____. Lennie and George do everything together and always watch out for eachother. Lennie and George are both very dependent on each other even though they do it differently. George was always there for Lennie weather he was in horrible trouble or not, George was always by Lennie’s side to protect and guide him. George not giving up is shown when Steinbeck writes, “We can’t let ‘im get away. Why, the poor bastard’d starve. Maybe they’ll lock ‘im u an’ be nice to ‘im.” (pg. 94) This shows how George really cares…show more content…
Lennie just wants to make George happy, Steinbeck shows this by Lennie saying, “I was only foolin’, George I don 't want no ketchup if it was right here beside me.. I’d leave it all for you… and I wouldn’t touch none of it.” (pg. __) Lennie offered George his ketchup if he had any. He did this because he wants to give everything he can to George because he really cares about him. He also puts his life at risk to give George what he wants, for example, Lennie says to George, “If you don ' want me I can go off in the hills and find a cave.” (pg. 12) Lennie is telling George that he could leave him and go somewhere else if he would be happier without him in George’s life. Lennie is thinking of George always first, what he want and what he would be most happiest with. To conclude, Lennie is just as good as a friend to George as George is to Lennie by trying to make George happy and sacrificing many things Lennie loves for George. In conclusion, George loves Lennie and Lennie loves George and they help each other when one needs a helping hand. In a larger view, friendship can come in many different shapes and sizes; you can help physically, mentally, or just be there for them in their time of need. For a friendship to work everyone needs to pitch in and share what has been
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