How Does Steinbeck Present George's Friendship

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The Friendship of George George is a hard working man who relies on mental acuity to get the job. He has a natural leader feel to him because he commands all of the people around him. George is described as small man with dark undertones and strong and slender physical features. Despite his dark facial features, George is a man with a caring attitude and helps whoever needs him. George’s best friend is Lennie depends on him to know what to do and tell him what to do. The character of George illustrates friendship and loyalty. Through George’s devotion to his friend, John Steinbeck reveals few people in the world display genuine friendship qualities. In Of Mice and Men, George has the friendliest attitude and is most willing to form new friendships. George plays cards and horseshoes with all the other farm hands and even goes to a brothel within the first few days of knowing of them. George’s attitude is seen carefree and easy going. George effortlessly opens up as seen when he shares Lennie and his plan to buy the farm from some people and allows Candy to join. “George stood up. ‘We’ll do her,’ he said. ‘We’ll fix up that little old place an’ we’ll go live there.”’ (60) George initially did not want to share the farm plan with anyone else.…show more content…
Lennie is in many ways helpless and does not know how to care for himself. George helps him by giving him short commands and telling him to repeat things to himself to remember things. George has no responsibility to take care of Lennie, yet George is willing to do anything for Lennie. ‘“When his Aunt Clara died, Lennie just come along with me out workin’. Got kinda used to each other after a little while.”’ (40) George takes care of Lennie because Lennie is his friend; George does not have to, but he wants to. George has no family, so having a friend with him gives him purpose in his troublesome life. George is supportive of and helpful to Lennie as a friend should
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