How Does Steinbeck Write Of Mice And Men

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John Steinbeck is one of the most influential and famous American writers of all time. He has wrote multiple books that portray his own life through the character 's actions, thoughts and personality. His writing style can cause one to lose track of what is fictional and what is reality. Another, example of when he shows his own life in his work, is in the novel Of Mice and Men. In Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck comments on the difficulties migrant workers go through to survive, some women are dangerous and can lead to the destruction of men, and the sacrifice one will go through in a friendship. Before, deciphering John Steinbeck 's book Of Mice and Men to find the way his life relates to the lifestyles of the characters in his books,…show more content…
As one of the most popular of steinbeck 's books, Of Mice and Men tells a story about how two migrant workers named George and Lennie overcame the struggles of finding work in the early 1900s. Steinbeck uses descriptive language and relates women and migrant workers to having a difficult life because of what they have to overcome to find work and survive in general. In 1938, one year after the work was published Of Mice of Men won the New York Drama Critics Award (“Steinbeck” 8). This was not all well and Jolly, this lead to much criticism that Steinbeck was blind to. Some Critics said that his work was “considered in the literary tradition of Social Realism” and “usually economic” (“Of Mice” 253). The works main characters consisted of George and Lennie two men traveling town to town looking for whatever job they could find on a ranch or farm. In the beginning Lennie is implied to be slower than George, and George has to take care of him. Plus, John steinbeck focuses on the life that George and Lennie had before they found work “bagging barley”(“Mice” 253). The novel mentions George and Lennie 's brief stay in Weed another town they were working in. The problem was that with Lennie being slow, he loves to touch soft objects such as clothing, hair, and even animals, and one day he touched a woman 's dress and just wanted to feel how soft it was and she screamed rape. This lead to George leading Lennie into the woods where no one would be able to punish him. Later Lennie meets…show more content…
Finally, Friendship is one of the biggest parts in the novel Of Mice and Men. The relationship that is made between George and Lennie can only be described by one quote, “The Friendship Lends hope to the dream, but the reality of their Brutal Life destroys the dream and the Friendship” (“Of Mice” 248). This described the life of Lennie and George perfectly because there friendship caused them to stay together as a team and stick up for each other no matter the circumstance. Lennie would always talk “about the ranch he, George and Candy are planning to buy” (Steffens 39). Unfortunately, they were still in a horrible situation by moving town to town and not having a set home and since they were living this life there dreams in the end was destroyed. This life also caused their Friendship to suffer due to the mistakes Lennie made. Also “ George with all his personal limitations, is a man who has committed himself in a compassionate relationship” (“Of Mice” 248). He has devoted his life into staying with lennie and helping him survive, and wanted to give him a chance to live instead of survive, that 's why they had their dream to have land. At the end of all of this Lennie makes his mistakes with Curley 's wife and “George mercifully kills lennie with a shot to the head while Lennie is chanting the dream, unaware of what is about to happen to him”(“Of Mice” 248). This relates back to how the dream and the friendship died due to the wrong choices and hard life
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