How Does Stereotypes Affect Personal Identity

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How does stereotype affects personal identity?

This world is full of people who neglects each other and have lost respect for each other. There is no place to hide from begin stereotype among people base on color and race. In “What’s In A Name” by Henry Louis Gates, the narrator is grown up in blacks community. Narrator father is hard workingman who works two jobs to provide enough needs of family so, they won’t be looked poor in community. Narrator dad first job was paper mill and second job was at moonlighter as janitor. The narrator dad was treated well in community even white people because of their financial measure. They were allowed to seat in Cut-Rate Drug Store where no blacks were allowed to sit down. One day, narrator and his dad were walking home and they stop at the Drug Store. The narrator was licking on ice cream and Mr. Wilson walked by. Mr. Wilson was very silence person. Narrator father said hello Mr. Wilson and he replied hello George. Narrator got confused and
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All the people want to be know among all by their identity. Each person wants to build good identity among communities, but stereotyping them base on color or race will cause on the person identity growth. In “What’s In A Name” by Henry Louis Gates, Mr. Wilson called the narrator dad George, while he knew his name. Narrator dad never convey his feeling of begin called George. Narrator dad personal identity growths stop there because he never stops that stereotype name call. Mr. Wilson affect the narrator, he call narrator dad George just because he is black. Narrator felt the pain of begin stereotype because of begin black. The narrator also didn’t said anything to Mr. Wilson; narrator said he never looked at him again. Which means narrator just let that stereotype happen in his father life. Stereotyping people base on color and giving them a name is very damageable to person
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