Police Job Satisfaction

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This study was carried out to identify the impact of job stress on job satisfaction among police officers .The nature of police job is very difficult as they have to maintain a peace of nation whether on or off duty .Their job require them to be alert continual, they constantly deal with injuries, dead and crime cases etc. Their occupational stress impact their job satisfaction and performance There is a demonstration from research that supervisor and coworkers support plays a vital role in increasing job satisfaction among police officers whereas role overload, physical environment and role ambiguity have highly negative impact on job satisfaction level .The author suggested that leadership role of police administration should be increase and they should concern psychological and physiological needs of police officer. Moreover coworkers support and role overload ought to be considering for maximum output within a working conditions that boost up morale and job satisfaction level. Therefore for all…show more content…
The relationship are especially spectacular for characteristics of mental health specifically burnout, anxiety, depression, lower self-esteem. Thus it is confirmed that dissatisfaction for a job can create dangerous employee’s mental health conditions and well-being because the relationship was founded by this study showed a much greater result than any other work characteristics evaluated. Consequently, assessment or proper evaluation of stress in workplace should be implemented for those areas of work that are causing the most dissatisfaction among employees for example hours of work and management style .After proper analysis changes should be made to minimize the effect of factors that are causing dissatisfaction . (Faragher, Cass, & Cooper,

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