Ways To Deal With Stress Essay

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Stress is the most common cause of ill health in our society, probably underlying as many as 70% of all visits to family doctors. It is also the one problem that every doctor shares with every patient. The stress management society defines stress as a case where person is no longer able to cope with the demands. We find stress everywhere, either on TV or newspaper that always gives us information that makes us stressed automatically. The most stressful period that people have faces is the time that we live in. And this problem is the biggest one that modern man is forced to cope with it and the biggest reason of sickness that sometimes even causes death. We have to recognize stress and to minimize there side effects even if we are…show more content…
To deal with stress, there is several ways and strategies. 1. Positive self-talk is one way to deal with stress. We all talk to us, we speak up sometimes, but usually we keep talking to our self in our mind. Self-discussion can be sometimes positive and sometimes negative. Negative, even speaking the voltage increase. Positive, that even talks helps you calm down and control voltage. We can learn to transform negative thoughts into positive with some little practice. For example; if we feel we can’t do this things, we think positive and tell our self that we will do the best we can. Also if everything is going wrong, we tell our self that we can handle things if we take one step at a time. (www.heart.org) 2. Another way to deal with stress is emergency stoppers. Stressful situation is everywhere; at work, at home, on the road and in public places. Poor communication, porridge to work and every day problem how to stand in line, all of these situations make us stressful. If you have to deal with stress on the ground handling, so be friend with emergency stress stoppers. Different stress stoppers are needed for

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