Personal Narrative: How Suicide Changed My Life

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“Every year 42,773 American’s die in the United States by suicide” according to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Suicide changed my life because I lost my best friend. Who would 've thought that would have ever happened? It doesn’t really cross our minds until someone in our family commits suicide. I never really knew what suicide really was, or I would joke about it all the time not knowing what it could do to a whole family. Jaime was a big part of my life. We grew up together and he was basically my brother. We spent almost every waking moment together but at fourteen he ended his life. Suicide changed my whole outlook on life, how I see people. It made a big impact on my life and it made me who I am today.

On December 22nd, 2011, I lost my best friend and my cousin but
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It never crossed my mind that someone would want to end his or her life. I never would have guessed, out of all the people I know, or who was sad in his or her life, or hated his or her life, that Jaime was one of those people. He always appeared happy, but he was crying on the inside. One never knows when someone is truly hurting or wants to end his or her own life. I had no idea Jaime felt the way he did. When someone talks about suicide I cringe; I get chills, and I just feel uncomfortable talking about it .Just remembering the night of December 22nd, the call we got from my aunt saying Jaime got into an “accident.” I thought he had broken a leg or arm because he really loved to skate board. The feeling I got when I heard he passed but never imagined why or how, i was overcome with grief, a sickness in my stomach. Every time Christmas comes around, it isn’t christmas for my family. I changed as a person because not only do. I take the topic of suicide quite seriously. My whole life now relies on making others happy. We never know someone else’s story. We never know when someone might need a
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