How Does Tattoos Affect Society

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Nowadays, people, and more generally young people belonging to the Y generation nay the Z, tend to follow the new fashion trends that are “in” for their generation, or that celebrities they appreciate could have launched. Indeed, they get tattoos and piercings on every parts of their body, just because it is trendy. However, some of them get inked because they want to be part of the society as they are, and not as other people want them to be. They want to have something permanent in a constantly changing world. But, they do not measure the consequences which can appear within the society or before getting a professional occupation. But, it is also important to situate the History of the tattoo and to replace it in the professional context. The History of Tattoos The History of the tattoo seems to be extremely hard to date. Indeed, it is an age-old practice, so it is hard to track its exact origin in time. Few historians devoted themselves to its discovery and evolution. Even scientists like anthropologists or…show more content…
And the number of individuals who have tattoos has increased significantly and this number continues to rise every year. Moreover, this phenomenon is especially popular among the young people. Through our survey, we tend to believe both of genders and generations impact the image of tattoos. In terms of gender, more than half female think men who have tattoos are more attractive, however, only 32% of female hold the same thought for female. On the other hand, the men’s answers are totally opposite. In addition, females think the people who have tattoos have bad images and abuse alcohol and drug than male. Moreover, different genders prefer very different kind of tattoos. Female tend to have more communal traits, such as more emotional and sensitive, while male prefer to have more argentic traits, such as impendent and

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