The Influence Of Technology On The Communication Barrier Between The Deaf

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The Impact and Influence That Technology Has on the Communication Barrier Which Exist Between the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and the General Public by Mark Watson

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Chapter 1 3
Introduction 3
Statement of Problem 3
Purpose of the Study 3
Significance of the Study 4
Research Questions 5
Chapter 2 5
Literature Review 5
Definition of Terms 13
Chapter 3 14
Methodology 14
Chapter 4 15
Data Presentation 16
Chapter 5 23
Summary 23
Conclusion 25
Recommendations 26
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Chapter 1

In order to fully and meanfully contribute towards our environment and having our voices heard, we must communicate and do so most effectively. We do so for clarity, precision, meaningful interactions and positive
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Purpose of the Study
This research aims to analyse how the challenges faced by deaf and the hard of hearing individuals in communicating with their peers and the general public can be aided through the use of technology. The basic hypothesis is that communication can be more if not most effective with the development of more Interactive technological applications and systems.
Significance of the Study

This research will be undertaken to inquire into the current technological aides currently being used by persons who are either deaf or hard of hearing in the daily environment, especially in the workplace. It also aims to measure the effectiveness of these aides. The study serves as a reference and assessment of the current technological aides in the use and may also serve as a basis to which a new theory on interactive communication may arise. The study serves as a reminder to the general public that these individuals are very much a part of us and that equity must always be the order of the day. As also that equal opportunities should be accessible to these individuals and at no point should they feel excluded from the term
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This concept has driven the only constant to date in evolution, “change”. As time evolves the ways of doing things tend to become a thing of the past. Technology and communication is no exception of this concept. Technology has so rapidly grown over the years that it could arguably be considered as the leading area of advancement to date in all world leading economies.
Even with the evolution of time and advancement in communication and technology there prove to be great lax in bridging the communication barrier that exist in the work environment between the hearing, the deaf and/or hard of hearing individuals. This has without doubt, severe impacts on the work environment and the immediate parties involved. Individuals with disabilities constitute the nationwide largest minority groups, and are incidentally the only group any of us can become a member of at any time.
According to Jean Jenkins (2013) there are some approximately 28 million hearing-impaired individuals in America. Whilst aides have brought hearing to some, there are others that opt to keep sign language as their method of

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