How Far Does Technology Affect Creativity

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Technology has become a crucial thing in humans’ civilization in this era. People use technology in almost everything they do in their daily lives, such as the usage of mobile phone to communicate and it is easier when it involves the long distance communication. Furthermore, this technology also helps people works that made them become more creative in creating something new that gives a turning point in humans’ lives. How far does technology affect creativity and communication among people?. This issue can be seen in positive and negative ways, so we need to find some truth and we should fix the problems because technology is very important on our peoples’ life, especially the youth. Nowadays, people use technology as their helping tools in doing their jobs. Technology can give the magical touch in whatever we do, making our good jobs become better and more satisfying. It helps people becoming more creative in their jobs. However, technology can hinder our creativity if we use it in a wrong way. As an example, in graphic design field,…show more content…
Although mobile phone can connect people around the world but it also can encourage to do something bad. It will affect quality of communication because online communication is not the same with face to face communication. So we must be more careful in using any technology in order to bring out more careful more positive impacts than negative impacts. Statistic has shown that hundreds of thousands of people are suffering from injuries every year in accidents involving distracted drivers, texting and cell phone are primary factor in car accidents. As an example, people communicate in social media such as Whatsapps, Facebook and others. So it will be hard for some people to remember that an actual person exists behind the avatar. In some cases, communicating online only can lead to depression and feelings of

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