How Does Technology Affect Creativity And Communication?

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Picture a family sitting together in a living room. Usually the father will be watching television, the children will be glued to their gadgets and their mother will be on her smartphone .I can guarantee you that this is a scenario often takes place in most families today. This dependence on technology has many wondering, ‘what is the effect of technological development on creativity and communication?’ Well if you ask my stand on this question, I would say that technology has boosted creativity and communication in humans. Before you decide to mentally criticize me, let me explain myself. We, Homo sapiens sp. Have walked this earth about two hundred thousand years of the four and a half billion years our earth has been around. We as a species have escalated from drawing pictures on the cave walls to making six dimensional movies in this short period of time. This massive growth in technology makes me believe that creativity enhances the development in technology and vice versa. If not for creativity, the telephone that was discovered by Alexander Graham bell would have not be made into smartphones we use today and because of the advance in technology, programmes such as mine craft helps children to increase their creativity by letting them shape their own world. Other than that, people have been using their creativity as a source of their…show more content…
This bond is known as internet friendship. Internet friends are just like pen pals. The difference between them is the medium of communication they chose to communicate. Coming to think of it pens and papers are also a form of technology without which we’d still be drawing on cave walls! Anyways, having internet friends and pen pals opens our minds and moulds us into becoming an individual who accepts people from all walks of life and it can also boost our confidence in

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