How Does Technology Affect Humanity

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Humans over the course of history have always been different from other wild animals. They have always used their abilities like the logic that animals did not have, to control everything that surrounds them. At the beginning, they tried to utilize simple devices that nature offered to them and developed simple tools that would help them complete their jobs easier. Time passed and the tools became more complex and so did their way of thinking. Arriving in the last centuries, humans were able to develop automated machines that were able to help them perform difficult tasks that they could not do by themselves. But in the last decades when the use of technology it became increasingly extensive humans discovered that technology even though it helps us, it can cause various problems for humans. The first main cause of the creation and the excessive use of the technological machines it is found inside them, in their circuits. Computers and any other technological machines have several analytical…show more content…
Technology is an incredibly useful tool in our hands. The effects of technology are felt basically everywhere, from helping humans do their chores to helping a programmer develop a software. They have made our daily lives easier, more productive and less tiring and monotonous. Technology is now widely used in finance in order to conclude financial transactions faster and safer as it is widely used in medicine in order to ease complex operations without the need of incisions thus reducing the recovery time of the patients. Technology has made easier for creative people to demonstrate and further develop their talents. It has also connected people, allowing them to be in contact with what is happening in real time without the need of being present. As a result of the technology, every single part of our lives have flourished and benefited and this influence keeps on growing bigger every
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