How Does Technology Affect Language

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This research will deliver the concept of how technology effect the language in the recent years. To be more precise in the case of using social media. And that affect has many aspects considering vocabulary , grammatical structure and it might touch the linguistic cognitive center in the human mind. Also, linguists and speakers of the language analyzed this phenomena.
Language is concerned with the cognitive control center in our minds and this cognitive aspect relates to many uncountable aspects in our life, but here we are concentrating on communicating between people and to be more precise we are going to discuss the connection and communicating through social media and technology
in general.
Social media nowadays is considered as a basic thing in most of people’s lives and
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Formatting social media equivalent to our use of dictionary i.e. formal briefing, composing a draft or any letter of
significance. Social media has a negative impact on generation gap to the fact that one is not able to converse on a social network level that is (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) due to the fact not everyone has access or the ability to formulate these applications as mentioned above. The advantage of social media can be the reverse of disadvantage of the negative social media impact. The positive aspect of social media allows ones creative ability to be utilized to its full potential.
A question can arise from these studies and theories: Social media today can be exhausting and exhilarating at the same time. Why? Thinking of it rationally we are able to interact and not interact with our peers as example, older generations lack of social media interactions lead to less communication, there by it could be a negative

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