Social Media And Technology Affects Mental Health

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This paper analyzes the effects technology has on mental health. When overused, without face to face communication, one may experience anxiety and stress. A study from the American Phycology Association states that most teenagers use social media, teenagers are especially vulnerable to these effects because technology surrounds them in their day lives. When using social networking, or technology in general, while maintaining face to face socialization one can also sustain their health. How Social Media and Technology Affects Mental Health Add to your intro. People rely on technology for many things. Phones, laptops, and tablets can be used for social networking, researching for a school assignments, to quickly looking up information …show more content…

The way that they are affected can include stress, anxiety, depression, and in general being psychologically vulnerable. According to the American Phycology Association (2017) almost half of this age group states that they are indeed worried about the effects technology has on their physical and mental health. 43% say that when their family is around they still feel disconnected from them. They say that the disconnection is one of the main sources of family conflict within their household. Around 72% of parents say that they feel as if they have a good handle on technology and they are a good role model for their child when it comes to using it (Stress in America, 2017). Six in ten of those parent admitted that they were also “glued” to their phones as well, or constantly checking emails (Stress in America, 2017). Most parents, ninety four percent state that they take at least one action to help their children from being addicted to technology (Stress in America, 2017). They say they feel as if they are failing to succeed (Stress in America, …show more content…

The best way is to maintain face to face communication. Even though this may be a difficult pattern to begin, there are tiny steps that make it easier for one to lead up for this to be an easy thing to maintain besides just turning of one’s phone. The first step one may want to take is skipping the morning routine of checking the phone. Start the day with a clear mind, brush your teeth, read a book or the newspaper for 10 minutes, and eat breakfast. Another way is to get away from the distraction and interference when trying to work. One may install a web blocking browser on their laptop or computer so they will be able to keep away from the sites that they enjoy to spend a lot of time on. Or just turn of the wifi or turn of the phone. A simple way one can get away from technology is to stop searching everything everything. This could mean medical symptoms, when events are taking place, or facts. By trusting one’s personal knowledge or asking another, not Google, a lot of information can be

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