How Does Technology Affect Our Recreation

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Ninety-two percent of the world 's money is digital. Technologies influence on modern recreation is immeasurable. Without technology in the medical, field there would be a much lower life span. The influence technology has on the recreational, medical, and industrial fields are undoubtedly too abundant to quantify. Technologies recreational uses far outweigh use in any other field. Particularly video games, the use of games in technology is a great way to relieve stress and spend free time. With the large variety of games being produced there is guaranteed one for you. Video games require consoles whether that be a PC (personal computer), PS3 or PS4, Xbox or some of the newer consoles that are more interactive like the HTC Vive a virtual reality machine. Along with these successful concepts, there are more unexplored areas like augmented reality, augmented reality is where it requires real world interaction it might be moving around a room of moving around multiple cities and countries even. Furthermore technology…show more content…
Technologies medicinal uses have changed the way the we live and how long humans and animals live. For instance life support, life support use to consist of techniques that required humans like CPR and the Heimlich maneuver. But thanks to advances in medicinal technology we have machines that can provide people with better care and less human error. Along with less human error means a higher survival rate among patients. Additionally, technology influences the day to day lives of everyone with medical problems. With more and more people listening to music with headphones more people are going deaf without technological advancements in the medical field to have inventions like hearing aids every one would need to know sign language. Along with hearing aids came more simple inventions like motorized wheelchairs that help people who are paralyzed be more independent. Medical technology makes life easier for all disabled people who want

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