How Does Technology Affect Pop Culture

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Growing up and living in the United States I have become accustomed to a certain way of life. Not a day goes by that I am not Googling an answer, being ran into by a person texting, or entertained by something on the television. The technology that surrounds me in everyday life is astounding and I am not sure what a world without it is like. This brings me to wonder how this technology helps and hurts me, along with the rest of the country. When I need to know something that is going on in the world all I have to do is get on any device that have and what I need to know is at my fingertips. This has helped me stay in tune with the ever-changing ways of the world and important events that are happening that affect others and the United States.…show more content…
One of these negatives that has become an issue is that being able to constantly see what others are doing or what the new trend in American pop culture is, people constantly judge themselves based on what other people think or are doing at that moment. Anyone can get on social media and post something that can be hurtful to another person just because they want to bring someone down. People can no longer escape from others because the social media presence in this country has become so overwhelmingly important and sometimes addicting to people who cannot stray away from a screen.
Another aspect of the negative effects that technology has had on American culture is the fact stated earlier that any answer or need can be found just a click away. Many people have asked, is technology making us stupid? Yes, I can find out how to say something in another language, or get answers for homework and this helps me greatly at that moment, but am I learning anything? The instant gratification people have come to expect is harming the ability to focus on anything for more than a couple seconds and leading away from our ability to concentrate and really take time to grasp a
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