Technology And Reading

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Effects of technology on reading skills and reading habits
Current and new trends have been noticed in the way kids of this generation exercise their writing and reading skills. It is agreed that there has been a great change and some dispute mostly to the negative side. However, the advent of technology has been blamed for all these new trends. The objective here is to explore some scholarly articles on these aspects with the view of establishing the role or effects of a particular trend in educational technology.
A study done in Stanford on this aspects and by Professor Andrea Lunsford indicated that there was a major increase in the volume of materials that students in that institution wrote. She concluded that the young generation of this
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Others see technology and facebook in particular as killing the ability of the young generation to write. They point out the fact that in the past, students would write well crafted essays and which would be comprehensive. However, this appears to have been scrapped away by power points and texting which has dehydrated the language into “Bleak, bald sand shorthand.” They indicate that the world may face an age of illiteracy (Thompson, 2009). However, in the midst of all these criticism, Lunsford praises technology and applauds it for taking writing in a new dimension. She does not see technology as killing writing but reviving it and pushing it in bold new…show more content…
The first is that there has been a general criticism on the impact of technology on writing capabilities of student. However, Lunsford established that technology did not affect writing negatively but only helped in taking it to a different step. She established that students are involved in writing activities more than the case would be in the past. But of great importance was that the written content was quite different. While students in the past focused on academic writing, the young generation at this age is more interested on the audience and why they write to the audience. Despite this shift, she also established that there was no negative impact on the academic writing of students who were involved in internet
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