Effective Media Simulation

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Technology is believed to give people the convenience that the present generation ought to have ever since it started its invasion. It has played a very important role in many pieces of living most specially, in education. Today, technology – specifically media, has been changing the learning game of the students and the teaching game of the educators. Different forms of knowledge is served to people, enrolled in a school or not, in just a click away. Printed books are being substituted by e-books. In fact, who needs a book when everything can now be read on the internet? With just a little assistance
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These simulations are easy to use as well. Since it is java-based, the buttons, sliders and other tools that you need to use in order to manipulate the models are not very much complex. Users do not need a lot of instructions or crash courses in order to learn how to use it because again, it is easy to use. It is also developing up until now. PhET is still improving and adding more simulations so that they could cover as much concepts as possible.
However, the researchers would still like to know if this thing that comes easy is worth having. This research aims to see if these interactive media simulations, specifically PhET Interactive Simulations are effective when it comes to the students’ understanding of science lessons that is consequently reflected in their science performance. This study will further reveal the effectiveness of the simulations as it answer the questions provided in the statement of the problem.
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It would also tackle the factors that affect a student’s learning process and what hinders and engages a student in listening to class discussions, specifically to science classes. In the conceptual paradigm, you’ll see the needed information that this research has to consider to make it more possible. The researchers would be performing the study in a control and an experimental group. They will gather research participants through a specific type of sampling and execute the experiment with and without the independent variable. The researchers allotted a week or two to finish the data gathering. On the other hand, the whole paper is intended to be done before the end of the first semester of school year 2017 – 2018. This research would be not be so costly since all that the researchers need in order to gather data are materials such as a laptop that and printed materials needed for the test. Also, this study would only be conducted inside the campus of Dr. Yanga’s Colleges

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