How Does Technology Affect Teenagers

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This topic has brought us so many surprises; we never thought that technology affects us as teenagers that heavily. Media brings negative influences on us, because it separates individual from reality. The Ipod for example, everyday kids were using ear buds and immersing them in music while in public. What they are doing is disconnecting from the real world. The internet is really detracted from communication abilities in society; we begin “spending less time talking to families, experiencing more daily stress, and feeling lonelier and depressed”- Bob Affonso. In our formative teen years, the lack of personal communication due to excessive internet usages can overall have negative impacts on mentally or physically health. Children now…show more content…
The result of the questionnaire shows that technology is helpful for the students in Australia. As we could see, their school has permitted them to use technology in study; most of them use technology in class to help them in study, finding information from the Internet. They also consider about do they think make their lives better than their parents, some of them think it is maybe yes, some of them has denied; this shows that they’re not sure about the good effects of technology on teenagers compared to the effects on adults. They all think that technology help improving their country in financial system; so in their mind, technology is very essential in the economic development of their country. Some students think that there is no bad effects that technology brings to the teenagers, someone has realized and considered about the negative effects that technology has affected them. We think that teenagers in Australia are free of using technology, but there are teens those haven’t considered about the negative ways of effect that technology has brought. We hope that they can read our project and think about both positive side and negative side of
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