The Impact Of The Digital Revolution On Teenagers

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Through out history, a huge number of changes had occurred they may have had a minor or major impact. one of them being how new technology impacts teenagers their health and routines either good or bad it depends on perspective. The Digital revolution started and finished and certain points but is still being developed today. Technology has changed teenager’s lives in multiple ways for instance; teenagers are lacking sleep and their sleeping patterns aren’t fixed, teenagers are lacking physical activity as well as causing different diseases which is caused by different things mainly a lack of exercise. Lastly, these are the few main impacts in which will be focused upon throughout the essay, these impacts can really change ones life for better or for worse. The digital revolution was also known as the third industrial revolution, it was…show more content…
This needs to change before it gets out of hand. Diseases which can occur; overweight, eyes. More specifically teenagers don’t go out and exercise as much anymore and it is very important to maintain a balanced life style because even though teenagers do love being on social media as well as being on their phone and computer they should also realise that they might be allowing their body to easily become overweight also with too much technology it is important that students understand that with staring at the screen nonstop they will face the consequences of getting glasses because their eyesight can definitely get affected because as most people know if you stare at your screen too long your eyesight can get
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