How Does Technology Affect Terrorism

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The progression of technology has changed the face of terrorism. By examining the improved skills of terrorists and governments brought about through technology, this report will examine the impact of technology on terrorism. On the thirteenth of November 2015, a chain of terrorist attacks befell in Paris, the capital of France, and its northern suburb, Saint-Denis. Three suicide bombers struck near the Stade de France in Saint-Denis, trailed by suicide bombings and mass shootings at cafés, restaurants and a music venue in Paris. The assailants murdered 130 people. Seven of the attackers also perished, and authorities continued to search for collaborators. The attacks were the most lethal on France since World War II, and the deadliest in…show more content…
The terror group has five to six members offering 24-hour support on how to encrypt communications, hide personal details and use apps like Twitter while avoiding surveillance. When ISIS terrorists want to hide what they 're saying, they are increasingly turning to an app called Telegram.
FBI Director James Comey has repeatedly said that the use of social media by ISIS is unprecedented in terms of how aggressively it engages with people in the West. The "court orders" that law enforcement officials use to prevent crimes "are ineffective because devices are protected by encryption," Comey said last week. Members of ISIS are essentially overwhelming the system, according to terror analyst Michael S. Smith II.
Better technology does change warfare. The armies have evolved into an entirely new beast with different strategies and tactics. With every new technological advancement there is a corresponding change in training, cohesion, and strategy. With these constant changes it makes it hard to pin enemies down. Governments see technology as discussing a key advantage in the struggle against terrorism, and often treat it as an end itself. Terrorists, on the other hand, view it as a means to an end. It matters not whether the technology is simple, but whether it can allow an effective attack to be carried
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