Essay On The Impact Of Technology On Fashion Industry

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The Impact of Technology on the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry has been a creation of the modern age. Before the 19th Century the majority of clothing was custom made. Hand crafted work was more common for those that could afford it. Clothing was hand made for individuals who met the expense of dressmakers and tailors. However technology today has allowed for a progression in the fashion industry. Three dimensional printing and digital printing has replaced many hand techniques allowing for more inventive and faster production of clothing in particular the retail industry. Fast fashion has made it harder for designers to have originality in the fashion industry therefore the industry is becoming more competitive. These factors have
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Digitally printed textile designs have changed the way fabrics can be perceived through texture and image alteration. Computer design programmes such as Photoshop and Illustrator have allowed for the creative possibilities to be endless. Before the invention of digital printing designers couldn’t translate their ideas into real life, whether they wanted to use paintings or photographs as a way of customising original designs. Their only option was screen-printing, which was a long and tedious process with limitations. Yes, the end results are rewarding and have originality, but there are creative limitations Digital print design has impacted the fashion industry in such a way that you can now combine your own photography with textile fabric designs. Production is faster and more durable and has broken down barriers of traditional textile techniques. Pattern repeat design has impacted the fashion industry allowing for engineered printed panels to fit a designers garment design and designers can become more strategic about placement of designs on the garment and how they want their prints to fall. Many fashion designers and design houses in the fashion industry such as Mary Katranzou, Pucci and MILLY have utilised the technology of digital print and have made it their own. Anyone from there own home can now design a digital textile print and explore their creative

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