Positive And Informative Essay: How Technology Affects People

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Technology affects people all over the world both positively and negatively. It has help us in school and other things dealing with life but it could also hurt us. People have become lazy and distance with each other technology is ok,but we need to limit the amount of time wwe spend on the phone. “We use technology in our daily lives. We now have online calendars that help us mark dates as we please, but also remind us when the time comes.” When family plans events they can book online instead of going to the place itself . teachers are able to give us websites to to do work on. It's also a thing such as virtual teacher for kids who don't like being in the classroom. We don't always have to sit in a desk or have a teacher stand in front…show more content…
All you have to do is speak a word and it obeys the sound of your voice. Cars are making wireless charging into their new vehicles. They also are installing back up cameras in cars so you don't have to look in the rearview mirror anymore if you get close to anything it gives you a signal that you are about to bump into something.” Technology has totally changed dating. We are able to connect with each other anywhere any time and place”. Social media helps you get to know a person. They have dating sites that are helpful to others. Some people who meet end up together get married and have kids. It lets you ask of what you are looking for in a man or woman. Such as features and looks it helps you get what you are looking for they get to chat as much as they want on video so they are very comfortable with each other and know what to expect when meeting them.it creates many long distance relationships because people fall in love with a person they have met of the internet. Some people may not agree with the way technology works and open us up to more that's going on around us and educates us.but here's where they are wrong because technology
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