How Does Technology Affects Creativity

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Creativity is the ability to create ideas and the breakthrough is the successful application of those ideas. The creative game Candy Crush, has more active monthly users than the entire population of Canada. Would you ever expect creativity to have an impact on us? There have been many advancements in technology in the 21st century. Technology has gone from being just an electronic. It is now considered a tool. Technology is used everywhere these days. Creativity has also advanced with technology over the years. Throughout the years, people learned to express their creative thinking through technology. Should technology usage among this generation be limited due to the lack of creativity among those who use it? Technology should not be limited…show more content…
Some people may believe this because they may think that technology is taking over our lives. “kids (and adults) who always have their heads in their phones, tablets or laptops lack imaginative activities that help to promote creativity” ( Katie 1). Kids are glued to their phones and are not connected with the real world. They are so consumed with their technology that they don’t know what’s going on around them. Studies show that we need more time for daydreaming because it boosts our creativity. We don’t have much time for daydreaming because we are attached to our phones and won’t put the phone down. Technology does not subdue creativity. It is enhancing creativity. There is a difference between technology and creativity. The difference is that creativity comes from observing the world and technology allows us to see the world differently. Today’s technology is not limiting creativity. There are many sources and facts that show that technology is enhancing creativity in many different ways. Over the year technology has improved and so has creativity. Technology has allowed us to discover more creativity within the device and soon share it with other people. With the use of technology today, we can get more creative in different
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