How Does Technology Affects Our Daily Life?

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According to Carrie Snow,” Technology … is a queer thing. It brings you great gifts with one hand, and it stabs you in the back with the other.” (Carrie,n.d) Some people think that technology has taken over our lives, while others think it has positive things to us. I choose this topic because I think that technology really has improved our society compared to the past, but if we keep using it the wrong way we will be addicted to it and eventually it will control us.

Some people don’t value the time they spend together, for example if they are gathered in one place as you can see in figure 3 they usually on their smartphones or tablets due to that they barely starts a conversation (How technology steals family time, 2014). People should not blame the technology, however they should take responsibility for the way they use it. Every person in this world likes to go on vacations to relax and forget about the stress, but being connected on the network for Facebook or Tweeter how do you call that relaxing? You can do that in your country why bother to go anywhere (Technology is stealing your soul … 5 tips to fight back , 2014).
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Over time as our life improved also the technology developed, nowadays some technology devices can store, organize, manipulate and retrieve vast amount of information incredibly in short time (Tom & V., 2002). Although it really helped create an easier life for us, we cannot forget the fact that our personal information that is stored in a computer or other devices is not safe from a viruses or

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