How Does Technology Change Our Lives

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Technology is anything that wasn't around when you were born." - Alan Kay In this modern world, we live in a society where people have a challenging time living without the aid of technology. People have described that technologies have changed their life by making it simple and efficient. Over the past twenty years, technology is changing the way we live our life, and social networking allows people to connect with strangers across the world. Our interactions with people have changed because social media are changing on how we communicate with our friends, parents, siblings, and relatives. As of today, the influence of technologies and social media have had a negative impact on people due to multitasking and showing mental health which causes a change in their lives; how technology has changed, how social media gives people addiction, and how experiences can influence people's…show more content…
Back in the past, people had limited technologies to communicate, such as telephones, radios, and letters, as compared to present day, there has been an improvement that includes emails, cell phones, and computers. For example, people had to communicate with their loved ones by handwritten letters. The letters would take days to arrive at its destination in the olden days. In contradiction, people in the present-day have invented innovative technologies, which make people’s life more occupied, accessible and enjoyable. For instance, people can connect with their families and friends using cell phones and internet services. People would send messages through email and Short Message Services, which would be read and replied in a brief time. Consequently, there has been a tremendous change in people’s perspective on technologies from previous and current years. There will be new inventions of technologies every year that helps in making people’s lives better in communication and
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