How Does Technology Change Politics

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Every day more people get connected to the Internet, increasing the number of users all over the world. This fact is probably the main technological advantage that has altered the way we see or we practice politics partially due to the global impact that it has. The Internet allows people to be aware of what is happening in the daily situation and so to know how politics is being exercised all over the world. Being aware means that people can give their opinions or they can support a political party in another country for example. However, to define a foreseeable future we should not only focus on the Internet but also it is necessary to think on the technological development as a whole.

Let’s use an example of how technology has changed the current politics and how it could be in the future. Donald Trump, president of the United States of America, he was a TV host before starting his political career. He used the advantage of his media impact in order to gain voters and with the help of social networks such as Twitter; his name was mentioned and read every day since his campaign started. In the future, this tendency will increase with time. Politicians like Trump will take this advantage of the media and the social network impact in order to attract the attention of the voters. The more it is talked or written about someone, the more it is known about that person creating the so-called media politicians.

Our society is a witness of how political communication has
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